November 25

Over 30 years in the business.


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November 27

Awake & Alive

Dr. James Triana Clinical Sexologist

Nationwide Psychological Evaluations in immigration cases, Alzheimer’s Research, Founder:Personal Revolution TherapyTM,

  1. Infinity Clinical Research, LLC.,
  2. Private Practice, 
  3. Dr. Santiago James Triana
  1. Family Service Agency
  1. Maimonides University

Founder-Personal Revolution Therapy, mental tools: Meditate before tackling problems. Neuro-psychiatric rater.


““At last we have an eclectic and down to earth model to treat our patients – also valid as an owner’s manual for self-improvement – with a high degree of efficiency. The combination of Western and Eastern approaches to fix the negative way of feeling and thinking is a very welcome one at a time when many people embrace the materialism that comes as a subproduct of modern technology. James Triana has written “the book” which will revolutionize current concepts in psychotherapy.”
-Ignacio Lopez-Merino, M.D., private practice (Plantation, Florida)”


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November 27

Food nonprofits will feed you and 4,999 of your closest friends on Wednesday

How do you feed 5,000 people?

With a lot of help. And a lot of food — food that would otherwise go to waste, as it turns out.

Feeding the 5,000 is taking place downtown on Wednesday, the most recent in a series of events first launched by environment organization Feedback in London’s Trafalgar Square in 2009. Meals will be available for free at the Woodrow Wilson Plaza at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The goal is to get people to “understand the value of food,” said Mike Curtin, chief executive of DC Central Kitchen, one of several dozen organizations participating in the event. “It’s so cheap that people don’t think about it, and it’s disposable.”

Curtin said 40 percent of the country’s food supply is thrown away each year.

DC Central Kitchen collects 2,000 to 3,000 pounds of food a day from grocery stores, wholesalers, producers and farms (some donated, some bought at a discounted price) that would otherwise go to waste. That equates to 5,000 meals a day for the homeless, plus several thousand more that are made as part of its school meal program (school meals are made with purchased food). On a typical day, DC Central Kitchen produces 12,000 meals.

So what’s another 5,000 for this event?

Extra hands will be pitching in for Feeding the 5,000, which will serve a curry showcasing recovered vegetables. There will be a volunteer “disco chop party” Tuesday night hosted by Campus Kitchens, DC Central Kitchen’s national project that mirrors its model of food recovery and meal distribution on high school and college campuses across the country. Several local culinary luminaries will be on hand for the main event, including chefs José Andrés, Anthony Lombardo and Spike Mendelsohn, chair of the District’s Food Policy Council.

Feeding the 5,000 will also feature cooking demos, and Lombardo, a member of the DC Central Kitchen board of directors, said he’s planning on making a ragu with pig skin, beet greens and recovered beans. Creative use of products — Lombardo tries to use whole animals and all parts of vegetables in his kitchen at the Hamilton — is not only an ethical issue, but a business one in restaurants, the chef said. “You don’t want to waste anything.”

That’s the kind of mentality Curtin hopes will sink in with attendees of Feeding the 5,000, which coincides with Path to Zero Waste: Organic Waste Summit, a gathering being put on by the city just inside the Ronald Reagan Building. (The Capital Area Food Bank will also host a screening of food waste documentary “Just Eat It” on Tuesday night at its urban demonstration garden.)

Advised Curtin: “Shop with a purpose. Eat with a purpose. Plan with a purpose.”


Feeding the 5,000 takes place Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Woodrow Wilson Plaza at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center (1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW). Free.

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November 27

HandUp’s new gift cards let you help the homeless without having to give them cash

Image Credit: HandUp
HandUp has unveiled a new product designed to make it easier for anyone to

give directly to their homeless neighbors. The company has teamed up with

Project Homeless Connect in San Francisco to launch its HandUp Gift Cards.

These gift cards can be given to anyone in need, thereby enabling them to

connect to available resources and services so they can get back on their feet.

Gift cards are available through HandUp’s website and can only be used in

San Francisco (for now). After you purchase a (minimum $25) gift card,

HandUp will send it to you in the mail along with tips to engaging someone

on the street. The recipient will go to Project Homeless Connect’s drop-in

office in San Francisco, California, where they’ll be able to redeem the value

of the card for goods and services.

Some of the things that can be purchased with the gift card include food,

clothing, and transportation, and cards can be used to help pay bills and more

. Cards will never be exchanged for cash, and HandUp says all funds are

managed through Project Homeless Connect’s case manager.

When the card is redeemed, you’ll receive an email letting you know how

it was used. Should the card go unused (it expires after a certain amount

of time), it will be donated to HandUp’s San Francisco general fund to

support neighbors in need.

Two years ago, Rose Broome and Zac Witte launched HandUp as a way to

help everyone in the community meet their basic needs. The premise is

that homeless individuals sign up for the service to list their goals. This is

done through HandUp’s partnership with community organizations. One

way to think about the organization is like a crowdfunding platform, but

instead of investing in a tricked-out cooler, you’re putting that money into

a fellow human’s welfare.

The gift cards are another effort by HandUp to encourage giving. The reality

is that some people don’t want to give money to homeless individuals because

they don’t know what it’s going to be used for. However, with the HandUp gift

cards, donors are reassured that their contribution will genuinely help someone.

As HandUp explained to VentureBeat:

It’s hard to know the right way to help, and it can be intimidating and

overwhelming. Gift cards give donors a safe and easy way to give in a

critical moment that is totally transparent. People are encouraged to

engage with homeless neighbors, which helps breakdown stereotypes and

creates compassion in the community.

Timing of the gift cards comes as San Francisco marks Homeless Outreach Dayon

September 11.

This is the latest effort by HandUp to find ways to benefit the homeless. At the 2014

LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco, Broome announced the creation of

HandUp Campaigns, giving anyone the ability to create a fundraiser for a specific

homeless person or cause (e.g. housing, veteran assistance, family needs, health,

education, and homelessness in your community).

HandUp has partnered with more than 14 nonprofits throughout the U.S. and has

received a $500,000 grant from for its efforts.

The organization has also raised $870,000 in funding from Tumml, Urban.Us,

the Launch Fund, SV Angel, Version One Ventures, Eric Ries, and Salesforce

chief executive Marc Benioff.

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